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Doctors in Vítkovice Hospital were able to, for the first time in the Czech Republic, removed a colon tumor endoscopically from the intestinal wall.


Doctors Care Center, specializing in the digestive tract, of Vitkovice Hospital in Ostrava, a member of the AGEL Group, became the first in the Czech Republic to perform a special endoscopic surgery to remove the cancer of the colon.

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The AGEL foundation took over patronage of Gloria Asylum House


The AGEL foundation took over patronage of Gloria Asylum House in Prague’s Barandov, which specializes in helping mothers with children in difficult life situations. The AGEL foundation, from this year, has collaborated with the asylum house and based on positive experiences, both parties have now agreed to long-term cooperation.

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AGEL Symposium on the issues raised by Infections labeled X


Infections have become a major theme of the tenth edition of the scientific-research symposium of AGEL Group held yesterday and today in the NH Collection Olomouc Congress hotel. At this professional conference, over 500 health professionals came together from all over the Czech and Slovak Republics.

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Hospice in Jesenik Hospital undergoing major renovations


The Long-term Healthcare Section of Jesenicke Hospital, a member of AGEL group, is currently undergoing modernization costing more than twenty million crowns. The project, which came into existence in 2013, includes the restoration of facilities and equipment departments, the widening of the space department, as well as the creation of safer and more comfortable environments for patients.

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