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Diagnostics in the Czech Republic

A diagnostic examination in the Czech Republic is viewed as a natural basis of medicine and a prerequisite for successful treatment. For this reason, the healthcare facilities here put emphasis on precise comprehensively performed general or specialized diagnostics of every patient. In the case of a planned surgical intervention, comprehensive diagnostics are a necessary presumption for optimum selection of a procedure and method of treatment with respect to ensuring a maximum effect of the intervention with a minimum risk. Based on a physical examination and assessment of laboratory parameters, the specialists are also able to evaluate possible diffi culties with postoperative healing and a need for follow-up rehabilitation. This enables to communicate all the estimated treatment results to a patient in advance. Preventive diagnostics are also a key element for maintaining patient‘s health, enabling prevention and early determination of possible future disfunctions and development of a treatment plan, if necessary.

A prerequisite for exact diagnostics of a patient‘s health is always its complexity as even seemingly unrelated problems may infl uence diagnosing or an optimal selection of a treatment method. The state-of-the-art imaging apparatus and laboratory methods are critical for precise diagnostics along with the specialists who should, on the basis of the examination, recommend to the patient the most suitable follow-up procedure. Selected facilities in the Czech Republic have stateof- the-art technologies at their disposal and also, owing to their leading specialists, a lot of them are

Comprehensive diagnostic center

Due to its equipment, technologies and leading specialists, the AGEL Comprehensive Diagnostic Center is one of the only state-of-the-art centers of its kind in the Czech Republic. The AGEL center provides its patients with a comprehensive spectrum of diagnostic care including both preventive diagnostic programs and specialized diagnostic examinations with the use of state-of-the-art laboratory examinations or imaging technologies such as the MRI or PET-CT.

With respect to a great interest from foreign patients in preventive diagnostic care, the AGEL center specialists have prepared a unique Care Complex programme combining specialist examinations which enable doctors to diagnose almost all the current lifestyle COMPREHENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC CENTER diseases. This comprehensive preventive examination results in an accurate medical report prepared by a committee of leading specialists which includes a comprehensive assessment of your health with the emphasis on recommending a follow-up procedures leading to the elimination of your problems, if any.

In the case of highly specialized examinations, there are some renowned leading specialists present in the AGEL center who are able to determine a treatment plan on the basis of the performed examinations, accept a patient under their care or only recommend further steps leading to his or her recovery.

The AGEL Comprehensive Diagnostic Center meets all the European and world standards and a number of programs and accompanying services, it is sought-after by a number of both Czech and foreign patients, who are always provided with the highest standard of care and modern environment of the state-of-the-art center.