AGEL group is the most successful healthcare provider
in Central Europe.



OphthalmologyOphthalmologic care in the Czech Republic is traditionally performed at highly equipped centers by Czech specialists, who are considered by experts to be the best in the world. A strong position of Czech ophthalmological facilities is based in a historical context as a number of unique and revolutionary procedures with were performed at local prestigious clinics and thus Czech centers held several top places keroplastic surgery in the world, development of including the fi rst contact lenses or the fi rst implantation of intraocular lenses. At the present time, Czech clinics are equipped with all the technological novelties from ultrasonic radiators to the state-of-theart femtosecond lasers enabling doctors to perform a broad spectrum of interventions from cataract surgeries to the most complicated eye surgeries such as lamellar keroplastic surgeries, keratoprosthesis implantation or corneal collagen cross-linking using ribofl avin and ultrasound radiation.

Eye clinics in the Czech Republic meet strict standards arising from the country’s membership in the European Union and regularly contribute to the development of the present world ophthalmology with their unique training centers for opthalmologists from all over Europe but also by continuous development of the methods applied all over the world from the prestigious centers in the country. In addition to top healthcare services, selected centers are able to treat foreign patients where both the equipment and staff are adapted accordingly.

Comprehensive ophthalmological center

OphthalmologyThe AGEL Comprehensive Ophthalmological Center provides its patients with the top care of the world standard specializing in laser refractive surgery, intraocular surgery and comprehensive examination of the eye and related structures. Due to state-of-theart equipment of the center, its specialists are able to treat a comprehensive spectrum of eye defects and for this reason, as well the center is visited by more than 27,000 Czech and foreign patients every year. The AGEL center has all the apparatus for both comprehensive eye diagnostics and follow-up treatment at its disposal and uses only the selected, most precise apparatus by the world manufacturing brands to achieve maximum effectiveness of procedures performed.

The technical resources of the center include modern lasers, ultrasounds or optical homographs, which suitably complement the strictly controlled, highest quality materials used, such as multifocal lenses or toric intraocular lenses.

The center is run by world renowned specialists, who are regularly publihed in prestigious journals and hold lectures at world universities. Thanks to both the best staffi ng and top equipment, the center of AGEL can apply the state-of-the-art treatment procedures and methods ensuring optimal treatment for every patient. All the interventions in the center are always preceded by overall ophthalmological diagnostics enabling our doctors to draw up an individual treatment plan and thus ensure a comprehensive approach to the solution of ophthalmological problems of every client.

In addition, the highly pro-client oriented staff always try to meet patients‘ wishes ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for all our clients in the course of their treatment. The Comprehensive Ophthalmological Center meets all the European standards and, furthermore, it is prepared to admit foreign clients who are offered pleasant environment, top comprehensive healthcare as well as many other accompanying services.