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Basic information for international patients

AGEL that is also specially trained professionals, who provide care to foreign patients in all the AGEL centers and also other centers in the whole of the Czech Republic. Our team is always on the patient‘s side and is committed to ensure a comprehensive approach to their health and the highest quality of both medical and specialist care in compliance with the AGEL Way standards.

For several years now we have been helping patients from all over the world with comprehensive coordination of treatment both based on their requirements and a subsequently determined treatment plan and, thus, we can provide them with maximum effectiveness of treatment while maintaining them with a high level of comfort.

For international patients we designed a program of comprehensive treatment, in which patients choose the extent of the required services and we ensure everything they need for their medical trip. We assist patients on their way to one of our hospitals, during the stay itself, and their return back home.

We can respond fl exibly to the needs of patients and adapt quickly to the changing conditions during their treatment.

We realize that the world is not perfect, but we strive to achieve perfection in all that we do.

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