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in Central Europe.



NeurologyIn the case of many other fields, the standard of neurological care in the Czech Republic is very high, in particular, due to a long-standing tradition of neurological programs, experience of Czech leading experts as well as state-of-the-art equipment of selected neurological centers. Apart from the above, according to experts, the high prestige of neurological care in the Czech Republic is also supported by a unique, European, highly developed network of stroke centers ensuring a comprehensive and very advanced treatment of patients with cerebral palsy.

With respect to the complexity and interconnection of the neurological and other body systems, treatment needs to be approached in a comprehensive way to ensure successful and effective care. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is one of the conditions for quality care, which should always start with a precise diagnostic enabling doctors to prepare an optimum treatment plan and, subsequently, provide the most effective treatment. In the Czech Republic, all the neurological centers are subject to strict standards arising from the membership of the country in the European Union and, in addition, some centers are also able to provide treatment to foreign patients, who are offered healthcare and other services of the highest level of quality and an abovestandard approach.

Comprehensive neurological center

NeurologyThe AGEL Comprehensive Neurological Center provides its clients with top comprehensive neurological services in a pleasant environment of a state-of-the-art center in the Czech Republic. A great asset of the center is its interdisciplinary approach as well as a direct link between diagnostics and treatment which involves all the state-of-the-art imaging equipment including the MRI, CT, X-ray, EEG, EMG or ultrasound. Apart from diagnostics, the AGEL center is directly connected with a rehabilitation department, angiology and other closely cooperating disciplines, always ensuring a comprehensive view of the patient‘s health. In addition, the staff of the center always views its patients as its partners, whose requirements have the highest level of priority and a pleasant, pro-active approach is a day-today natural thing of all the physicians and other staff.

The AGEL Neurological Center applies all the worldrespected treatment methods and procedures which are continuously improved and developed within regular research. The specialists in this center also apply some other unique methods, which are not seen in others departments around the world. This group of procedures includes e.g. the thrombolysis for ischaemic strokes, its potentiation by ultrasound or the treatment of spasticity by botulotoxin. Due to a high level of expertise of our leading specialists and accessible, state-of-the-art equipment, including e.g. a unique electromyograph and evoked potentials with magnetic stimulation, the center also performs state -of-the-art interventions such as the applications of ozone in the spinal canal in the prolapsed disc using imaging equipment or surgeries and stents of carotid arteries enabling the most effective treatment of selected patients.

Due to the uniqueness of some methods as well as a multi-disciplinary comprehensive approach by our leading specialists, the AGEL Center is often sought-after by patients from all over the world.