AGEL group is the most successful healthcare provider
in Central Europe.

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Quality of care

Quality of care is a basis for our approach in providing care to all patients. Patients are always treated only in selected healthcare facilities, in the centers of excellence, which meet the stringent, continuously monitored criteria of providing care to foreign patients ensuring the maximum success of healthcare.


Prevention is an important component, which we emphasize greatly . We are spreading the awareness and motivating the general public to not underestimate the importance of preventive medicine. In each of our centers , we offer our clients a comprehensive preventive examination.


Continuity of treatment is an essential element on the way to recovery. Therefore, our specialists always ensure that both the previous and follow-up steps are fully interconnected with the care provided.

About AGEL

AGEL a.s. ranks among the most successful Czech companies in the area of healthcare and it is the largest private healthcare provider in Europe. This year, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary making it the oldest private healthcare provider in the Czech Republic. AGEL operates in particular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it employs over nine thousand employees, and currently, it operates hospitals, a number of healthcare centers, pharmacies and distribution companies. Annually, over 170 thousand patients are hospitalized in the AGEL Group’s hospitals. Over 2.5 million patients are treated in the facilities on a daily basis every year. The AGEL Group is a popular employer, who offers its employees a professional growth and quality work environment