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Assisted reproduction (IVF)

IVFAssisted reproduction, a branch of medicine dealing with the treatment of infertility, is of a very high standard in the Czech Republic and is based on a long-standing tradition of this kind of treatment in the country. It was in the Czech Republic that the fi rst child in Central and Eastern Europe was born due to the methods of reproductive medicine and at the same time it is one of the fi rst countries in the world to put the methods of assisted reproduction into practice. At the present time, this branch of medicine is dynamically developing due to regular research work resulting in continuous improvement of the methods applied. The reproduction centers in the Czech Republic belong among the leading centers in the world promoting the development of this speciality, which is refl ected in great interest due to the Czech and foreign patients and more than 20,000 treatment cycles performed every year with a high success rate of conception signifi cantly exceeding 40%.

A high standard of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic is also secured by a number of strictly observed rules requiring for example a high-level of specialization of physicians or IVF centers equipment and by many rules for oocyte donors as well as the receivers of the reproduction treatment which may be performed until the age of 50 and always in the presence of a partner of the opposite sex.

IVF center

IVFThe AGEL IVF Center is one of the most modern clinics of reproductive medicine in the world which provides a comprehensive spectrum of both diagnostic and treatment reproduction care to its patients. Assisted reproduction covers a broad spectrum of procedures and methods with a different level of complexity and effectiveness. The IVF Center specialists deal with all the most effective, globally applied methods, which provide the highest success rate of treatment. After the pre-implantation genetic diagnostics is performed, each patient will receive an individually prepared treatment plan combining optimum reproduction methods and procedures enabling them to maximize the rate of effectiveness of the overall treatment with respect to the patient‘s health.

While the AGEL Clinic complies with all European standards arising from the country’s membership in the European Union, it also offers its clients a personal and emphatic approach to treatment surpassing common European standards. The IVF Clinic is also able to provide treatment to foreign patients with comprehensive care of the highest quality in the area of assisted reproduction. In addition to this care, the specially trained staff is also able to provide a number of accompanying services as well as support services guaranteeing comfort and convenience for both the patient and those accompanying them.