AGEL group is the most successful healthcare provider
in Central Europe.



OncologyHealthcare facilities in the Czech Republic can be included in both the top Czech and world centers of comprehensive oncology treatment as they offer all the state-of -the-art diagnostic services and treatment procedures including surgery, chemotherapy, biological treatment as well as the equipment for performing non-invasive radiotherapy interventions, such as CyberKnife or proton particle accelerator. The centers in the Czech Republic achieve the highest possible standard not only due to their equipment, but, above all, owing to highly qualifi ed specialists with longstanding international experience.

All the centers in the Czech Republic comply with the most stringent quality standards as well as requirements arising from the country’s membership in the European Union, nevertheless, the highest standard of treatment is always certifi ed by the Joint Accreditation Committee of the Czech Republic. In addition, some healthcare facilities are prepared to admit foreign patients who are provided with the highest available standard of both medical and other accompanying services.

A basic presumption for successful oncology treatment is early and precise diagnostics, followed by comprehensively coordinated, individually selected methods and treatment procedures. It is for this exact reason that preventive programs, examinations as well as interdisciplinary cooperation and interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of every patient are of great signifi cance in oncology.

Comprehensive oncology centers

OncologyThe AGEL Comprehensive Oncology Center is the leading provider of oncology treatment in the Czech Republic whose main domain is high-level specialization, quality and, above all, comprehensiveness of services provided in the newly built modern environment of the AGEL center. The center features all the state-of-theart diagnostics which is a necessary part of precisely determining an oncological disease and enables doctors to select the optimal treatment procedure for the patient. The diagnostic department uses all the state-of-the-art screening methods, including MRI, ultrasound, CT or PET-CT. An individual treatment plan is determined based on precise diagnostics and is always prepared by a specialised interdisciplinary which ensures ensuring a comprehensive approach to the patient‘s health. With respect to the signifi cance of prevention of oncological diseases, a set of comprehensive, individually set preventive diagnostic programs have been prepared in the Comprehensive Oncology Center.

Within the center, patients are offered all the state-of-theart treatment procedures, which include multiple options of radiotherapy as well as the most complex robotic or laparoscopic surgical interventions. In addition, the interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists enables them to combine certain methods and, thus, achieve even better overall treatment results. Unique methods applied in our center include e.g. brachytherapy which enables gentle radiation and treatment of prostate carcinomas, gynaecological or lung tumours, soft tissue sarcomas or biliary tree tumours in a way which ensures minimum damage to adjacent healthy tissues. The Comprehensive Oncology Center is even the fi rst center in the Czech Republic to apply temporary or permanent prostate brachytherapy. The very gentle and effective techniques include e.g. Rapid Arc or IGRT, which are only available in the selected centers in the world.

Due to its state-of-the-art equipment and compliance with the European standards, the Comprehensive Oncology Center has obtained the certifi cate from the Joint Accreditation Committee of the Czech Republic. The Oncology Center also complies with the most stringent standards of the health and accompanying care for foreign patients.